Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101

Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 1

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What To Expect From Your Towel Warmer:
There are a few things you need to keep in mind, which will help you get the best from your Towel Warmer (or in fact any towel warmer). For maximum warmth remember layers, layers, layers. * Because toweling is made of loose fibers, a single layer of towel will mean that the heat simply passes through the towel. This is great when you just want your towels to dry quickly as the heat takes the moisture with it. But in winter when you want towels the warmest this isn't going to give you much satisfaction. Try experimenting with how many layers you fold your towel into. Also remember that the very outer layer of towel may be quite cold - this is because there's cold air circulating around the bathroom, which basically takes the heat with it as it moves past your towel. If this is the case (or you have a particularly drafty or air conditioned bathroom) try placing an additional towel on top of the towel you want warmest. This will have an insulating effect and the towel/s beneath will be toasty and warm.

* Please note that increasing the number of layers will also increase the surface
temperature of the rails. Never exceed 8 layers of towel or fabric. Care should be taken to avoid touching the bars when multiple layers are in place since the rail may be hotter than usual.
Don't expect to have warm towels in 10 minutes (only a tumble dryer can do this). If you don't want to leave your Towel Warmerrunning continuously (remember it's safe and energy efficient so you can), you will need to allow at least 50 minutes for the warmth to build up in the fibers of the towel (about 15 minutes for the Towel Warmer to warm up and the remainder for the heat to gently radiate up through the layers of towel). Oil filled warmers need almost a couple of hours to give the same results, as it can take up to an hour for an oil filled model to get to operating temperature, and another 45 minutes for the towel to warm up.
Keep it simple - there's no need to weave your towels through the bars, in fact this will have a negative effect. Keeping the rails of your Warmrail insulated by layers is most effective, so drape the towels over the top rail to hang evenly on either side - this 'tents' the unit and helps trap the heat. Any part of the towel hanging below the bottom heated rail will not get the benefit of the heat (since heat rises). This law of physics is also why your towel will be warmest where it is in contact with the top rail, especially if you have a good amount of layers to trap this heat.

*Silent operation
•Help bathrooms stay warm, mold, and mildew free.
•Can be controlled by programmable timer.
•Average temp. range 120°F - 170°F
•Towel warmer
•ETL approved, portable
•Equipped with a safe, reliable and very energy efficient heating element
•Illuminated on / off switch
•Heavy duty cord
•Provides 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects

110-120 V 60Hz
•Power: 100 Watts

•Towel warmer
•Perfect for compact spaces
•Enjoy the luxury everyday with this attention grabbing, double loop design
•Making it effortless to hang and remove towels
•Beautiful, this bathroom accessory will keep your towels warm and dry
•Built-in “on / off" switch located at the base of the unit for easy operation
•Plugs into standard 120V outlet
•Dimensions: 37.1/4" x 19.3/4" x 12.1/4"

Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 1
Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 1 Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 2 Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 3 Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 4 Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 5 Floor Electric Towel Warmer.BK-101 - Image 6

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